Chasing Snow Leopard is a journey that unlocks the leopard within each individual, teaching us to survive life’s hardships. Embark on this captivating 4-day snowbound expedition meticulously crafted to resonate with individuals of diverse age groups, starting from 18 and above. Here, the elderly learn from the wisdom of the young, and the young gain insights from their experienced counterparts. Traverse challenging terrain, embrace the invigorating icy adventure, and cultivate essential leadership qualities inspired by the remarkable snow leopards. Learn the strength and resilience embodied by these majestic creatures as you navigate the wilderness. Discover adaptability in the face of ever-changing landscapes, and develop problem-solving skills as you conquer nature’s challenges. This remarkable journey offers a unique opportunity for personal and professional growth, fostering intergenerational connections and friendships. Join us for an unforgettable experience where age becomes a bridge for mutual learning and growth amidst the beauty of the wilderness.

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1. Leadership Development

The core objective of the expedition is to foster leadership skills and qualities among the participants. Through challenging situations and encounters with nature, participants will learn essential traits such as decision-making, adaptability, teamwork, and effective communication.

2. Adapting to Challenging Environments

Emphasize adaptability and resilience by navigating through the snow leopard’s rugged and high-altitude habitat, drawing lessons on how leaders must adapt to challenging situations.

3. Mastering Stealth and Awareness

Learn from the snow leopard’s stealthy hunting techniques to understand the importance of strategic planning, patience, and keen situational awareness in leadership.

4. Emphasizing Crisis Management and Decision-Making

Challenge participants with simulated crisis scenarios during the expedition, allowing them to practice quick and effective decision-making, akin to the snow leopard’s instinctive responses in challenging situations.


4- days of leadership training – in an expedition, with an internationally experienced and qualified leadership trainer and outdoor educator – offers:


Provinces = 6

CSL’23 Languages = 6

Cities = 17


To register for Chasing Snow Leopard, you must be 18 years or older in 2023. Chasing Snow Leopard is an inclusive expedition that welcomes individuals of all backgrounds – regardless of region, religion, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic class, or academic history.

We’re seeking the “Snow Leopard” in every applicant – a commitment to thinking, living, and leading for a better society.

The expedition fee is 95,000 PKR


From the plains of Peshawar to the heights of Sari Paye, the escapism and learning which the camp of Chasing Snow Leopard provided me was an extraordinary cherishable moment in my life. From learning about leadership, to experiencing it. From taking lessons on the importance of communication to building one of the strongest social circles. From seeing students like myself working on their goals and dreams to listening to the stories of those who already had achieved a place and name in their lives.

CSL 23 was, is and will be one of the best learning experiences, because who doesn’t want to listen to humans telling their life stories while sitting on snow sipping a cup of hot chocolate.

Furqan A. Sethi

Delegate CSL 2023

Chasing Snow Leopard 2023. An experience one would like to go through again and again. CSL is a place of freedom. Where every individual is given the chance to exhibit and showcase their individual leadership and is bestowed the gift of social Leadership. From Leader of the Day to group cooking to camp setting to snow hiking, CSL taught us life. CSL taught us: like the pacer, some people are slow and like the logger, some people are fast, and our Leadership lies in keeping the slow at the front and the fastest at the back to create group harmony. CSL is an expedition that I highly recommend to everyone, where not just our physical limits are challenged but our emotional capacities are also strengthened.


Delegate CSL 2023

All my life, I have been looking to challenge myself in different ways and explore my own limits – both physical and emotional. The closest I have come to know myself was at Chasing Snow Leopard, 2023. The challenges that arose constantly at CSL made me aware of my own capabilities and most of all, aware of the areas I am lacking in. The leadership roles and initiatives that I took on there, taught me so much about practical leadership and the bonding that a team or a group needs to develop in order to have a positive impact on society around us. I met so many exceptional people at CSL, who I know have become my family for life and are still working so hard for the post-CSL social action project.

CSL changed my life in more ways than one, and it was an unparalleled experience for me.

Sannay Muhammad

My name is Mehnaz Naveed and I’m a youth impact delegate of CSL-2023. This experience was nothing short of transformative. This journey empowered us individuals to realize their potential as change-makers, instilling a sense of social responsibility and a passion for creating a better world. CSL-2023 provided a platform for youth to become leaders of positive change, and its effects will undoubtedly ripple through their lives for years to come.

Mehnaz Naveed

My journey with the “Chasing Snow Leopard” (CSL) wilderness training program was nothing short of extraordinary. It was a four-day immersion into the wild heart of Northern Pakistan’s Khagan Valley, and it left an indelible mark on my life.

As I reflect on my time at CSL, one word stands out – transformation. CSL isn’t your typical leadership program; it’s an adventure that challenges you in ways you could never imagine. The wilderness became our classroom, and nature itself became our greatest teacher.

One of the most profound lessons I learned was that leadership is not confined to the boardroom or office meetings. It thrives in the heart of the wild, where adaptability and decision-making are the keys to survival.

What set CSL apart for me was the “Guns and Roses” session, a lesson in the power of constructive criticism. Receiving both roses and guns forced us to embrace feedback as a tool for growth.

The “Leader of the Day” role was a unique challenge, pushing us to make critical decisions while considering the well-being of the entire team.

Ali Dahamani

Delegate CSL 2023